Replacement Prop Guard - Eachine x75 Micro Quadcopter

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Replacement prop guard for Eachine x73 - UPDATED V2!

These are best if the "fingers" print as just walls, so adjust wall thickness/shells to allow for zero infill - 1.6mm/4 shells if you are using .4mm nozzle.

If printing in ABS I suggest scale 101%

Motors will be a tight fit, but they should fit. Dont worry if the motor hole dosnt look round - its not, its an octogon, allows for a nice tight interference fit.

[v1 only!]I found it is best to "pre-drill" the screw holes - i use a heated .5mm stiff wire.  Screw holes should be dead center in each ear.

Impact testing (v1) video here

V2 improvements: 

  • Reinforced finger base.
  • Pre-printed screw holes (no hot-wire drilling)

Also see a version with more protection at a slight weight penalty here Printed Replacement Prop Guard - Rounded

Please upload a print if you make a set, Follow if you like the design!

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