Plant irrigation spike


For indoor or outdoor plants to keep them hydrated. Intended to be used as a supplement to regular watering. But can also be used used as a primary source when watering is not possible, as during a vacation.

After many design modifications, I opted for this one. Which during my tests, should last just under a week -- depending on how your machine prints the tip of the lower section. The .stl includes a tiny hole on the tip, but my machine didn't print it. Which might explain why the "irrigation" lasted almost a week. However, this can be easily fixed by slightly cutting off the tip with an X-ACTO. In my opinion, it's better that it lasts longer, than shorter. But not too long of course! All other side holes printed fine btw.

PLEASE USE ABS! I don't think PLA (or other filaments) will work properly. My experience has shown ABS works fine with water...does not leak or disintegrate over time..

Print the two parts standing upright, then assemble together. NOTE that it's a tight fit -by design, to prevent leakage. Fits most plastic 16.9 oz (500 mL) water bottles. Even larger ones such as 33.8 oz (1L). As the pictures show.


  • .2 micron 
  • 35% infill 
  • 2 perimeter shells 
  • 3 top and bottom layers

Design Files

File Size

irrigation spike (lower 5).stl
48 KB
irrigation spike (upper 5).stl
72.6 KB


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