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Works on most cell phones, with or without a cover. Even holds cell phones with heavy duty and external battery covers/cases, as shown in the pictures. It "sticks" well to the raised textured lines as a result of the additive printing process.

Also works on an iPad in landscape mode only [or] an iPad Mini in both portrait and landscape.

Measures: 5 1/2 inches wide (139.70mm) 3 1/2 inches tall (88.90mm) 3 1/2 inches deep (88.90mm)

Print shown is translucent green PLA, 5% infill, .3 layer height.

Small size .stl file is also included: 139.70mm width 47.62 height 46.26mm depth (will only hold a cell phone in landscape mode and w/no cover, or a very thin one)

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