Manfrotto tripod hanger set


Summary The 2 Manfrotto tripods I have seem to differ in orientation and add ons so this may not be suitable for every Manfrotto. The 190XPROB has no additions and allows for a hanger that goes completely around it. The 055CXPRO3 has a spirit level that stops a full hanger. These 2 tripods also have the securing grubs 60 degrees off from each other. You'll see in the pics that the 190X (on the right in the comparison photo) has hooks with shoulders for more strength where they attach. Options are included for both models (ns in the filename means no shoulder). Also included are various hooks that attach. I use 30mm and 20mm double sided velcro so that's what included here for starters. I also included hooks with gaps so you can feen existing strapping onto them. If you need and specific sized hole, just add a comment I'll make one up. Instructions I printed everything at 100% density. I can attach a battery pack weighing nearly 2kg from one hook. Your milage may vary. Support is probably required for the hooks unless you can bridge 8mm easily.

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