Godzilla - Scream- Multiple Resolution

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Godzilla - Scream- Multiple Resolution

Hopefully one of many Godzilla posts on pinshape.

Remember, please dont not reupload or sell model online (for personal use)

If you print or create a video please shoot me a message so i can giggle with glee.

If you want to help support a BROKE designer please pledge on @patreon. https://www.patreon.com/TheCre...

If you want to yap and giggle with a broke designer and probably share input with future files, chat with me on TWITTER- https://twitter.com/carmelo_na...

Thank you always


Please do not sell the prints, also do not post them up on other sites. 

IF YOU PRINT post and message ME ON TWITTER WWW.twitter.com/TheCreatorx3D

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