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Summary SUPPORT FREE - 2 PART SLIDING PI CASING. Look at this and you'll think it’s just a box, but when you stop and think that 4 hours ago this “box” didn't even exist as a tangible object. There really is something very rewarding about #3DPrinting a custom enclosure to contain your electronics. Our Indie : The Desktop 3D Printer can print magical objects out of the box with precision and reliability. In this particular case a custom PCB casing has to be designed for an IOT home automation application. 3DPrinting #Homeautomation #RapidPrototyping #Prototyping 3dprinted #3dprint #Indie #Desktop3dprinter #Indiegogo #comingsoon #iot #electronicenclosure #electroniccasing #pi3 #casing Print Settings Printer: Indie: The Desktop 3D Printer Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 200 micron Infill: 20% Notes: NO SUPPORT REQUIRED. SLIDE THE PART 2 INTO PART 1. The Sliding part makes it easy to remove the pi casing whenever required. Post-Printing

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