Watch-style link bracelet with magnetic closure


Summary This is an update of my previous project Watch Links with 1.75mm Filament pins. The original project was intended to be an upgraded strap/bracelet for my then wristwatch. That watch has since given up the ghost before I got around to designing a proper adapter link. This time around, it's a standalone bracelet, using neodymium disc magnets to hold the ends closed. It was kind of inspired by the Apple watch's optional magnetic band. My magnet links are designed to fit a 8mm diameter disc magnet with a height up to ~2.7-2.8 mm. Instructions I had very good results with these settings on my Bukito using PLA: 0.2mm layer height 1mm wall thickness 1mm top/bottom thickness 40mm/s print speed 180C extruder temp No support or raft needed. The disc caps should just press-fit over your disc magnet. If the fit feels too loose, feel free to reinforce with your preffered glue.

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