ju 87 stuka

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My new model, a WW2 german stuka, printed in Green Easyfill pla on a BD HX1 40x60x40 at 210° nozzle 0.8 layer 2.8; light blue pla on a BNZ delta 40x70 nozzle 0.4 layer 0.16; Black Titan-x on a BD BP2, layer 1.6, 252°/90°.

 All files are modeled by me following original blueprints.

The 11 files composing this assemblable model are conceived expecially fot FFF/FDM 3dprinters, all objects are manifold and watertight, all intersections were created with boolean operations and the model was subdivided in pieces and pre-orientated in the print bed to have the less possible amount of support material.

happy printing!

Design Files

File Size

9- metals.stl
6.42 MB
1- body.stl
11.7 MB
10- cockpit.stl
4.88 MB
11- cup.stl
2.55 MB
2- front.stl
12.1 MB
3- wing up.stl
34.9 MB
4- wing down.stl
36.7 MB
5- Undercarriage.stl
7.39 MB
6- alettone.stl
331 KB
7- rear up.stl
10.3 MB
8- interior.stl
15.9 MB
138 KB
200 KB
529 KB
191 KB
261 KB


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