Harley Quinn - 3D Model for 3D Printing


Harley Quinn !!! Madly and beautiful Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad in the new version. STL file for the 3d printing in HI-POLY quality. This lady is the one of the most important character of the game Batman: Arkham Asylum. Rate and you the new version here: www.malix3design.com

6 Parts for free Testing

Design Files

File Size

Harley_10 (repaired).stl
1.03 MB
Harley_11 (repaired).stl
6.33 KB
Harley_18 (repaired).stl
4.82 MB
Harley_1 (repaired).stl
15.2 MB
Harley_2 (repaired).stl
13 MB
Harley_12 (repaired).stl
1.36 MB


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