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Summary A group of us indoor FPV race nano QX's weekly. All are showing motor failures after 4-5 hours airtime and spares are either ludicrously priced, or on the slow boat from China. Based on the frame layout of the FireFlo, I wanted to shave some weight off a mono-deck for nano QX board and camera, paired with low-cost Hubsan 7mm motors & props. The result is this Gnat QX, with the frame weighing in at a mere 3g. AUW without pack is 24g, 6g heavier than stock. Power is exceptional in comparison to EFlites 6mm motors. Edit: v1.1 - added a second loom band clip for more secure battery fixture v2 - extended arms slightly (optional change to try and remove a small wobble) Have found there is a huge variety of Hubsan motors/props all claiming to be genuine. Mine flys well on 7 x 20mm hollow cups with props that came with motors. Friends have had trouble with other props so working on a mini bullnose prop trimmer for adjustment. Edit2: Added 2 new motor cap designs and a beefed up v3 chassis - the extra weight at the motors, stiffer frame and 300mAh batteries bring the AUW up to 35g, but eliminate the wobble. Try a small piece of foam or thin neoprene between the frame and battery - it stops the battery touching the motor connectors. Edit3: v4 added with band hooks to hold camera more securely and a small stinger to act as strain relief for the battery wiring. Edit4: after several requests, added an 8.5 mm motor variant for use with Hubsan parts. These motors will probably destroy a stock Nano QX flight controller. Print Settings Printer: Da Vinci Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2mm layer Infill: 20-25% Notes: 3 perimeters, first layer 0.3mm

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