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Summary An experiment in printing hollow arms and a monocoque chassis for a very light weight, indoor brushed quadcopter. I was aiming for the strength/crashability of my lightweight Gnat design, but with improved stiffness and handling. Designed to be printed in PETG with 7 X 20 mm motors, a recycled Nano QX flight board and 300mAh 1S Lipos. It will take most of the 25 mW cameras/transmitters combos on the market. I seriously doubt this will work in ABS or PLA, but in PETG it has flown successful evenings indoor racing at our local group. Even though the arms are only 1 mm thick tubes (the motor wires run down the inside of the arms) it has survived numerous impacts with gates, walls and the ground, Print Settings Printer: Qidi Tech 1 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.25mm layer, 4 perimeters Infill: 20%

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