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Summary Named by my wife, this micro tricopter is about 180mm shaft to shaft. Designed for Mini MWC and three ZMR 1804 2400 kV Outrunner Brushless Motors (get the right mix of CW and CCW) with a 3S 950mAh LiPo. Tail block takes two 4x10x4 bearings and an M4 bolt (20mm thread, 20mm shank) which you will need to carefully tap into the tail plate. Designed entirely in Inkscape (using OpenSCAD plugin) and Tinkercad. Parts printed, but airframe unfinished or tested as yet - will update as we progress. Instructions Frame, legs and tail printed in PLA at 0.2mm with a solid fill (2 perimeters, 2 top/bottom layers), no support - used Slic3r. Canopy is 4 perimeters, 0.15mm layer solid in KissSlicer using standard zig-zag support.

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