Wi-Fi Booster "satellite style"

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A little more complex take on the original, more simple Wi-Fi reflector design: https://pinshape.com/items/28135-3d-printed-wi-fi-booster

Also, FYI: another mini design to lay atop each individual antenna: https://pinshape.com/items/28134-3d-printed-wi-fi-or-transistor-radio-signal-strenth-booster

I printed the "satellite" dish in PLA in attempts to keep it lightweight. I did 5% infill but that made the connector piece rather fragile. Better if you could have your slicer run a different process when it reaches that area, and make it 20% or so. OR just have everything maybe 10-15% and be careful when wrapping it in aluminum afterwards. As an alternative, not sure if there's a filament that's all that reflective? A few of the silver ones I've tried were more of a dull grey, rather than shiny silver, like aluminum foil.

I used ABS for the support beam and base with a 20% infill. The screw and bolt were PLA @ 50%.

.3 layer height for everything except the screw and bolt which were .2

The dish is 5.5 inches in diameter (3.5 inches deep). Support beam measures 6.787 inches length. Combined with the base, it'll be around 7 inches high.

*The pictures are before I modified a few things. -lowered the height -added more supports on the base -rounded out the connectors

Good luck!!

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