LED tea light candle holder

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LED tealights look best created in translucent PLA, unless you're going to use real tealight candles, then better to use ABS as it can withstand the heat.

I used 5% infill @ .3 layer (zero percent infill might work too since it's so small, although the top layer might be garbled unless your machine creates bridges well). However, I like the internal lines that are created with at least 5%.

The item measures:

1 13/16th" height (46mm) 1 7/8th" diameter (approx 49.50mm)

Fits most LED tea light candles measuring: 1 1/2" height 1 1/2" diameter

Added a slightly larger .stl size with a 2" inch (53mm) diameter (same height)

Looks cool right side up, or upside down!

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