Trunk and Base for FabShop Christmas Tree

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Summary FabShop's Christmas tree was my favourite of all the Christmas trees on Thingiverse but I just felt that it needed a trunk and base to finish it off nicely. I printed the trunk using a wood filament to try and give an authentic wood finish, and used a bright red PLA for the base. For the star I used a clear filament and I've also embedded a micro USB socket into my base as I have plans to install an LED inside the star. Print Settings Printer Brand: Ultimaker Printer: Ultimaker 2 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.18 Infill: 30% Notes: To embed the micro USB socket into the base I used Simplify3D to print up to the top of the USB socket. When the program finished I inserted the USB socket with wires attached ensuring that everything was tucked well below the surface, then I ran second program to encapsulate the USB socket. It worked very well with only the faintest of witness lines around the base where the two programs merge. How I Designed This Designed using Solidworks I imported the STL into Solidworks and designed the trunk and base in context to ensure it would all fit together and look right once assembled.

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