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Summary This is for when you don't like your camera hanging and swinging around your neck. Ever bend down with your camera on that strap around your neck? Ever go hiking with your camera? Even a brisk walk requires you to have a hand on your camera. It's cumbersome and feels unnatural. This allows you to easily keep your camera by your side and have that quick draw action no matter where you go. It feels natural and out of the way. I personally feel comfortable and confident enough with my design that I have gone ahead and removed the neck strap. I have gone with using a wrist strap key chain I picked up from a dollar store. When I have it on my shoulder I clip one end of the strap to my bag for extra security. You also have the option to mount it to the wall. useful if you have multiple D/SLRs All in all, This is a pretty strong clip. I have a telephoto lens, printed hood, and have done jumping jacks with it on my side and I feel like it's not weakened at all. Plus The 25% infill gives it a nice support structure that promotes it from snapping off. I've tested several with a breakage test. I have found at 100%, if you forcefully break it, you get a clean solid break. 25% and 20% It just bends. Which brings up another good point. Print it on its side this is best for strength as there are no horizontal lines to break upon. I have found printing everything at 0.1 mm is all around the best quality and experience. It provides the smoothest slide. Printing at .02 will give you a slight tighter fit, and if you are not happy with it you can print the SlideMount at .1 or .05mm for a quick fix. , also a little sanding works. The black is a 0.1mm and the white is at 0.3mm this quality difference depends on your printer. The screw, I just went to home depot and picked up a 1/4diameter, 20thread per inch, 1/2inch, countersunk screw. I bought two for 1$. The label will read (Machine Screw countersunk 1/4 20-1/2). As always if you like whats you see, follow and, find that tip designer button. Your contribution will be helping to produce and refine designs and pay for school. Thanks. Print Settings Printer Brand: Printrbot Printer: Simple White Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.1mm Infill: 25% Notes: I've included a photo of my print settings. I'm sure other setting will work also. Pay attention to the supports some slicers have a set support direction. Take a look at the sliced view to confirm yours is being supported properly, if it is not, simply rotate your object  90 degrees around your Zaxis and look again. Post-Printing Maybe some light sanding around the slide path and mount, it depends on your printer. Everything has a .40 mm tolerance.

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