Paratyphi'sPocketChipHalfCover-Lettered Keys Upgrade


Summary Paratyphi has a great, and original, half cover design and he deserves the glory. I've merely redesigned his buttons to be similar to mine. Be sure to go to his page for the cover design, like and follow. These buttons have not been tested due to not having a large enough print surface. Who ever Prints, If there is any problems please pm with pictures and your concerns and I will do my best to correct them Thanks again. Print Settings Printer Brand: Printrbot Printer: Simple White Rafts: Yes Supports: No Resolution: .2mm Infill: 100% Notes: Print with .4mm Shell thickness Some printers may need a raft others not, you know your printer best. I suggest the lettered keys be printed on a High End printer $10,000+ Or a resign printer Or by a professional Printing company. Post-Printing The Keys follow a simple layout. Any key with 3 symbols on the left side of the key is a FN symbol and the right side is the shift symbol. Keys with 2 symbol the left is FN and the right is Primary character Also, if you write anything on the unlettered keys. I found using pencil to write it on and then spraying a coat of clear spray paint over it works well to keep what you have written from bleeding and wiping off

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