Megadrive Controller2USB Adapter *Source included*

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This thing is an Adapter to use your old school Sega® Megadrive Controller on any Computer/Device capable of USB Gamepads.

A special shoutout to Matthew Heironimus @ who wrote an awesome Arduino Library to use any ATmega32u4 Arduino (and clones) as a Joystick/Gamepad device.

Bill of Materials:

  • obviously a 3D printer for the case
  • 16Mhz Pro Micro
  • 2ea RS232 connectors
    • may be gathered from very old desktop computers
    • shown in pictures
  • soldering equipment
  • USB cable to fit the Pro Micro

Depending on the source you may get every electronical part for ~3,-€ at all.


  • Connect 2 Megadrive Gamepads at one Computer/Android device/Set-top-box capable of using USB Gamepads
  • Uses default HID drivers, no additional drivers for Windows/Mac/Linux/Android needed
  • No external power supply needed
  • 20ms poll rate (which is about three times as quick as Megadrive console was)


  • Update HID Report Descriptor to show just the used buttons (36 from Adruino Joystick Library currently present)
  • Add 6 Button Gamepad compatibility
    • i don't own a 6 Button Sega pad myself so i can't test
  • Possibly port to other processors/boards
  • apply some better connections between lower and upper case parts
  • smoothen and shrinken the case a bid to make it look more professional (propably engravings)
  • Write better documentation
  • remap Arduino pins to make soldering/assembly more easy


Download and install either Arduino IDE or Platform.IO .

Unfortunately i can't upload the sources to the Designfiles, so they will be included as PDF.

  • Copy the sources into textfiles, named the way written in the PDF. 
  • Open the .ino file in the IDE of your choice.
    • In case of Arduino IDE select a board from the menu which fits your board (in my case "Arduino/Genuino Micro").
  • Click compile and upload.
  • Your Pro Micro board should flash its LED/s as long it is being programmed.
  • As soon this is done, assemble the case as shown in the pictures.
  • Connect (solder) the RS232 cables to the Pro Micro as shown in the pictures.
  • Setup your emulator of choice and enjoy
  • You are done!

Made with Designspark Mechanical and OpenSCAD

Happy old school gaming.

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