Timingbelt 2mm test

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Summary This is a very first test, to print some timing belts for printers or whatever you need it for. Couldn't be sliced with Cura because of thin wall and i'm currently trying with slic3r. Belt thickness is 6mm and space between teeth 2mm. As GT2. Just the with of the Belt is about 2mm and 1mm, unlike real GT2 belts. --update: printed with .2mm layer height, cut with slic3r. Did turn out very well. Just the corners must be modeled more open (smaller angle) --update 2014-07-31: Uploaded a stl file with the belt spinned. No small angles anymore and modifiers for printability are applied. Prints well with PlastInk rubber filament, cut with slic3r to ,2mm layer height. Didn't try any other layer heights so far, because rubber is a tricky to use filament. And now it runs as drop-in-replacement in my prusa i3. Enjoy!

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