Tool Rack for Pliers and Electronics Tools

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Summary I wanted to design and make a nice tool rack for my various pliers and similar tools for my electronics workbench. I was inspired by some projects from my woodworking shop ( and videos like this one from Adam Savage's Tested Website: With 2 printed ends and some steel rod it makes for a fast build. I've included the STL files and SketchUp files if you want to remix it. I used a 10mm O2 Polished and ground tool steel rod for this project, at about $15 on Amazon it provides the nice clean look and a surprising amount of weight to make this a real nice desktop tool stand. You can read in more detail how I designed and build this rack via my blog post here: Print Settings Printer Brand: LulzBot Printer: TAZ 6 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: Standard Infill: 20% Notes: Printed with clear blue village plastics PLA on my TAZ6 I printed it with a brim just to make sure it didn't warp and cleanup was easy. After experimenting with the end cap/cup to dial in the settings I found that printing at 105% gave me a real nice tight fit. Post-Printing Removed the brim with an x=acto knife. How I Designed This I designed this project in SketchUp and have shared the STL and SketchUp files. I also included a smaller STL of just he cup that holds the end of the 10mm metal rod. You can print this and test with your metal rod to really dial in your print settings. While my model was dead on matching what the rod should be (used digital calipers to confirm measurements) I had to print at 105% to get the tight fit I wanted. I also provided a version of the end cap with a chamfered hole for a #4-40 screw but after testing didn't find it helped keep the cap much tighter to be worth using. I also created a version with circular holes to give it a nicer look and use less plastic. Both versions provided.

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