Quantum Slime! And others [Crystal, Boom, Rock, Honey]

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Watch here: https://youtu.be/ywT0dgZpGS8

It's time for more Slimes from Slime Rancher! I'm bringing the new Quantum Slime as well as new variations on the Rock Slime, Crystal Slime, Boom Slime, and Honey Slime. The Rock Slime is even a hungry face.

I created these in Fusion 360 using my existing Slime files so I can just copy the base body and add the new details. So doing that I was able to create each of these new slimes. I also added some better spikes/crystals for the crystal slime.

After printing my wife painted it. She didn't even need to sand it, and that right there makes SLA worth it for us. She was able to get to the painting process very quickly compared to the FDM models I give her. And for the crystal slime she used a latex coat to mask off the crystals from the paint. Then she peeled it off after painting and coated it with a clear top coat that she also uses on her nails. They came out really amazing.

Printer: XYZprinting Nobel 1.0A Filament: Clear Resin Layer Height: 0.1mm Supports: No (Might need a few on the crystal)

Design Files

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Honey Slime Open Mouth.stl
2.62 MB
Rock Slime Hungry.stl
15.2 MB
Quantum Slime.stl
2.8 MB
Boom Slime Exploded.stl
3.03 MB
Crystal Slime Ver2.stl
1.4 MB


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