Rainford Retro Sign


Summary Retro style sign of my last name. I wanted something for my office and for my maker bench with a fun retro look to it. Not a lot of people with my last name, but might be a few others out there with the same last name who may want it. Print Settings Printer Brand: LulzBot Printer: TAZ 6 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: Regular Infill: 20% Notes: Set X-hop to 0.75mm Scale to whatever size you like. Printed in Dark Blue nGen filament. Post-Printing Cleanup Minimal cleanup needed, just took off a few bumps/high spots with an X-acto knife. How I Designed This Designed this using SketchUp. Installed Lobster font, extruded letters. Created a base to tie the bottom letters together so the sign would stay as one piece. Needed to also create a bit of filler to attach the dot over the 'i'. Also raised the letters above the base so they could be cleanly seen, also raised every other letter so the serifs on the letters were more distinct and play with the shadows you'll see when looking at the printed object.

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