Pencil Stix slide over a sharpened hex shape pencil.  This extends the shaft of the pencil into the taper and tip of a drum stick.  So far, I have not broken the plastic sticks, pencils, and did break the pencil tip of one pencil. 

Print Settings:  I used PLA and printed them straight up.  If you choose to print with the sticks laying down it would be quicker but they would need supports and not be as nice.  I chose to not need supports -- it was a 7-7:30 hour print though.

Printer Brand: Robo 3DPrinter: R1 ABS + PLA 

Rafts: Yes

Supports: No

Infill: 70%

Notes:  The only thing I had to do was remove them from the raft.  I just put them over 2 pencils and started to play with them using both match and traditional grips.  A bit short in comparison to real drum sticks but still playable.  They are balanced remarkably well.  I can do stick flips and play (not as clean) rudimental solos and drum set.  Also -- I have not broken them yet.  They do have a small line of extra plastic going down one side; nothing a sharp knife can't fix.

I did break it.  

When the tip of the one pencil broke it cracked the pencil stick.  They were still playable for a whole day; until I took the pencil stick off the pencil and ripped it in half.  

I also added a single stick stl file.  In total it will be about an 11 hour print to do a pair one at a time; I suspect however that this will result in a better print.  Haven't tried it yet so I'm not sure.

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