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Summary Do you happen to have a GoPro that does not have a screen on the back, but you do have an iPhone with the GoPro app on it? Well this will allow you to mount your iPhone right behind your GoPro and use it as the screen. At the moment, I only have the version for the iPhone 4s upload. But I am currently working on a version for the iPhone 5, 6, and 6 plus as well. So stayed tuned for more updates along the way! UPDATE: I guess this is what I get for using inches instead of the metric system. My files on thingiverse appear to be super small, since I created them in inches on solidworks i saved them in inches when i made the STl file. However, PLEASE let me know if you would like a larger file and i will change the settings for the STL and upload the new file and have a new extension on the file name to tell the difference between the two files. UPDATE: 9/6/15 Uploaded the versions for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ UPDATE: 10/29/15 No longer just for iPhones, just uploaded a version for the Samsung S5. If there are any other versions you would like to see included, don't hesitate to ask and I will see what I can do!

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