Dual GoPro Bicycle / Motorcycle bar mount


I've always struggled with GoPro mounting designs... takes too long to adjust/mount. Hopefully, this design makes it quick to change the location of your GoPros, from the handlebars to the seat-post as quick as you can.

Idea: only one piece design. Print 2 for a complete setup. Theoretically, the two pieces will match up and "CLICK" or "SNAP" lock into each other. To release, grab the indented finger tabs at the top and bottom, and pull  to release. Use the original GoPro hardware. Ability to mount 2 GoPro's, facing in opposite directions to capture all the action!

For now, this is suitable for round tubes/bars that are 7/8" diameter. Since I haven't actually printed one myself, I cannot suggest the best way to print. I would probably assume that a a good amount of FILL will make this stronger.

Option for single GoPro, there's a 2nd part for single GoPro mount ("Plain.stl")

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