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Demo, Prototype and Assembly instructions

The Tip Blade is simple to use and easy to take on and off.  The quick snapping action of the blade allows for quick cutting.  It doesn't matter if you're scrap booking, sewing, cooking or wrapping a gift, the tip blade is there.  Just use one finger to pick it up and put it back down.  You can say that it is "cutting edge" technology.  

The design of the cutter allows you to fit most blades inside.  Also, it is very flexible and takes the shape of your finger.  Just hot glue and you're done! (instructions in video)


I noticed that people with hand disabilities have trouble using scissors and razor blades.  Without scissors and razor blades, it is difficult to open packages, wrappers or cut paper.  

My first idea was a spring loaded scissor so that the user would not have to pull the scissors back open.  I found it hard to use.

With my final design, I provided the functionality of blades and scissors in a simple, small and cute design.  The base protects users, pets and children from the blade when it is not in use.  It's fun and looks fantastic.  

I didn't realize how useful this invention was until I started using it.  Now, I have one in all of my work stations. 


Finger sizes:  So far, I have not found a finger size that did not work (I tried sizes from my pinkie to my big toe) but if you do need a larger size, scale it up or let me know and I will be happy to create one!

Blade sizes: The cutter holds blades of whatever length and a height of 16 mm.  If you have a blade longer than 22 mm, be sure to print out the large holder. 

Print recommendations 

Layer height: 0.2 mm 

Shell thickness: 0.8 mm for cutter and 1.2 mm for holder

Top/bottom thickness: 1.2 mm

Fill density: 100% for cutter and 20% for holder

Print speed: 40 mm/s 

Print Material: ABS or PLA

no overhangs

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