Wrist Reach - Enable your wrist

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Wrist Reach - Enable your wrist

Some people don't have full control of their hands, so why not use the next thing closest to it: your wrists! The Wrist Reach allows simple daily tasks, from eating to brushing your teeth, to easily be accomplished! Check out all of the Wrist Reach's uses here! Also, every model of the Wrist Reach is an easy print: no supports or bridges!

The Wrister

The Wrister is where all of the attachments are linked to your wrist! All of the attachments slide and lock into the Triangle Cut for stability and control of the attachment. Not only can the Wrister hold all of the attachments, but it can also be used to open screw caps. Just slide the cap through the Triangle Edge and twist! The Triangle Cut and Triangle Edge allow for varying sizes of caps for you to open. You can attach the Wrister to your wrist using Velcro straps. Here's the link on how to make the straps!

The Item Attachment

Attach forks, spoons, toothbrushes, or other things to the Item Attachment for full control through your wrist! You can use varying sizes of utensils without worry of them falling out from the use of rubber bands to secure them. 

The Change Out Tool

Slide the Change Out Tool from the bottom side of the Item Attachment to raise the rubber bands. Fully insert the Change Out Tool so the humps raise the rubberbands From there, you can replace your utensil with a new one for the next meal and slide the Change Out Tool out to resecure!

The Free Attachment

With the Free Attachment, you can use the Wrist Reach for many more things. From attaching sponges to vacuum cleaner tubes, the possibilities are endless! You can secure anything onto the Free Attachment with rubber bands, Velcro, tape, or whatever seems appropriate for your attachment!

The Button Presser

Buttons are now not a problem with the Wrist Reach! Attach the Button Presser when using TV remotes, for typing on a keyboard, or many more things!

Making the Wrist Reach

Designing anything is tough and takes time. Creating the Wrist Reach took many days of formulating ideas and hours of redesigning models. Here's a link to all of the prototypes and final models of the Wrist Reach!

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