Within Reach-Bottle and Can Opener

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The inspiration for this came from seeing people struggle with opening bottles and cans. 

I am a high school sophomore enrolled in an Engineering Program that has given me exposure to 3D printing and how to use Inventor. 

This project is a bottle and can opener that attaches to your arm. The v-shape accommodates various bottles and lids. The indentation on the side is used to lift and open pop-top cans. 

These parts were printed at .3 mm layer height. To give it strength, they should be printed at above 50% infill. This part was separated into individual files, which are designed to fit most printers. These parts should be printed with support. 

Depending upon the most comfortable design, users have the option between the rounded hand cover or the squared hand cover. To assemble the parts, slide the bottle opener onto whichever hand cover. When joining the two parts, place a drop of glue on the joint. Velcro can be threaded through the openings of the hand cover to secure it to your arm.

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