Universal Wireless Switch Access

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Accessing a computer and especially a tablet without fingers is a challenge. Fortunaltely, most of the OS are equiped with accessibility tools designed to help users to access more easily their computer and tablet.

To further extend those possibility, it is possible to connect external switch to help, for example, with some screen scrolling to choose an item on the screen, to navigate and to select. 

In my quest to find the cheaper and smarter solutions to build this kind of external switch, I found that mixing a very cheap selfie button, found on Ebay, with my own design maybe will be a interesting solution. Tests on different OS are shown on this video : UWSA tests

Printed in ABS, no support, it is possible to play with density to change the hardeness of the switch.


This object presented here is PURELY AND EXCLUSIVELY for information, teaching and exploration of opportunities made by 3D printer.

The focus made on this object is not some professional advice concerning is use or is choice, it cannot be a substitute to medical or paramedical specialist advice only one who will be able to evaluate, advise and propose equipement, printed or not, corresponding to a particular and personnal needs and situation following a full assessment.

Disabilities is delicate and sometimes complex and must be evaluated and accompanied by professionals.

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