Net Pot Covers for Ikea Prusa Container

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These are covers to fit two of the containers from Ikea's Pruta for hydroponics net pots, but I'm also including one without holes so you can cut your own holes. Buy it here as a donation. If you want it free, I also put it on Thingiverse.

included covers for the same container:

  • No hole
  • Single 3" hole
  • Single 2" hole
  • double 2" holes

Design Files

File Size

Ikea Pruta cover for 3in net pot.stl
46 KB
Ikea Pruta cover for 2in net pot.stl
56.9 KB
Ikea Pruta cover no hole.stl
28.8 KB
Ikea Pruta cover for single 2in net pot.stl
42.9 KB


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