Huawei honor 8 doc with AMP mounting holes

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This is a friction fitted custom Huawei honor 8 dock/mount, with countersunk AMPS mounting holes. I use RAM mount diamond plate to mount it on my car. All the holes are exposed, and no screen area is blocked, so you can charge it or hook up AUX cable when it's mounted.

This is an easy print, the only support you might need is the mounting hole. Mounting hardware is #6 (0.14" hole diameter)

Print with 30% infill, you might need support for the holes if your printer doesn't do bridging well. This is a snug fit so that it's compact and secure. If you don't like the snug friction fit, you can scale the model, 0.5% or so to losen it up and it should provide easy drop in.

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honor 8 car mount AMPS diamond tight final.stl
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honor 8 car mount lose fit.stl
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