Pepe the Frog Holloween Costume Eyeglasses Tie-on


Wanna be Pepe the Frog for Halloween? Simply mount these Pepe eyes on a pair of glasses, and make yourself a walking meme! Prepare some Pepe lines to amuse your friends!

While you can use it just like goggles, this version is designed as a tie-on accessory for glasses. Here's a video explaining how to assemble it:  (if you can't find the video link, it's in the comments.) Steps:

  • Print this model, eyes looking up, with a lot of support and a raft. 
  • Get a cheap glasses frame: I used thin framed reading glasses from the dollar store, popped the lenses out.
  • Add black lines to emphathize eyelid folds, I used cut up strings of black electrical tape
  • Color white parts of the eyeball, I used a white paper tape
  • Tie each eye bulb to each lens using the mounting points two ties for each arm, two ties for nose bridge: picture1  picture2picture3 

That's it! Now you can tell people how you feel, like Pepe does. Customization: These Pepe eyes have extra accessories mounting holes inside, so you can mount LED lights inside! Print it with a translucent material, and you get glowing Pepe eyes. The possibilities are endless!

Design Files

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Pepe eyes pair.obj
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