Giant Push Pin(watermarked)

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I couldn't find an accurately modeled push pin, so i made one! Then i made it huge! Makes a great coat hanger!!!!

This is the free Watermarked version. unmarked version here:

Printer:  M3D Micro

Rafts: Yes

Supports: Doesn't Matter

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 10%

Notes: Printed in PLA via Cura generated Gcode and Spooler on M3D.

if your printer is decent at overhangs, slice/print upside down with supports on but set to minimal to prevent supports from being printed in the hole.

if printing with supports, they will form around the main handle as there is small 90 degree when printed upright, and a taper on the main handle to support upside down (it's a slightly complex, pretty accurate model, not just two spheres cut in half and stuck on a central cylinder, which was what i was thinking before actually really looking at a pin for this design.).

if printed upright with supports, you may have to clean up the hole for the insert to fit, depending how well your printer keeps supports seperated from the model.Post-PrintingTo assembleafter printing both pieces, put nail through the insert, and epoxy/crazy glue the insert and nail into the hole on the main piece.How I Designed ThisModelling Software Used:Fusion 360 Modeled to size, then scaled by 600% (actually scaled by 300%, decided that was too small, then scaled that by 200%).

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