Lightsaber Hilt Prop - 1 or 2 Pieces!

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NOTE: All STL Holes and Non-Manifold Edges have been fixed! This file is now OFFICIALLY 100% PRINT READY! Enjoy :D!

This is a 3D printable lightsaber, as well as my first Thingiverse design that I am posting! It can either be printed in one or two parts, though the two-part print is suggested since the whole saber is 13 inches long. This is a lightsaber hilt that i designed that resembles Luke's ROTJ lightsaber in several ways. This lightsaber should be printed vertically and with support material. The saber halves should be oriented so that they are vertical (like a vertical cylinder). It is, after printed, two parts which can be stuck together via use of glue (hot glue, elmer's glue, etc.) or other adhesives such as double-sided tape or other tapes. As I said, this is my first Thingiverse design, so I am welcoming any comments or suggestions that you guys have for future designs or modifications! 

I hope you enjoy!

Print Settings:

Rafts: Doesn't Matter

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.01I

nfill: Solid or Sparse should be fine

I designed this in blender with the use of blender. I also used rendering for some of the images shown above.

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9.54 MB


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