Custom Lightsaber Hilt - Made In Blender!


SummaryHello Everyone! This model is 100% Print-Ready. Please click on the images to view them in full size! This is a Custom Lightsaber that I designed using the software Blender. It is a one-piece design, and I think is well-designed. The design used to have a pointed bottom and holes in the upper pommel, but during model repairs, the holes were patched, and the point, for some reason, turned into a flat stub. Also, there is a ridge in the grip. However, the stub is quite pointy itself, and the holes should look fine as they are now! The ridge adds a bit of nicety to the look, and the stub and grip can be easily sanded down! Something to note-The thumbnail I got was taken in Blender, and with my insane amount of luck, I got a model at the right angle, just in normal Blender Render, and BAM! It looks like metal! I hope you guys enjoy! -Techman017Print SettingsPrinter Brand: StratasysPrinter: uPrint SE PlusResolution: 0.01Infill: Solid or Sparse, Doesn't MatterNotes: None should matter except for the supports.How I Designed ThisI designed this in Blender, using the tools included in the software:

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