3D Printable Graflex Lightsaber - MADE IN MINECRAFT

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SummaryHello everyone! This is a LightSaber design based on The Graflex, or THE Lightsaber, that belonged to the Skywalkers, and now Rey (Who may be a Skywalker as well, at least, in a sense). Upon first glance, of course, this Lightsaber may not look like the best. But what is special about it is the fact that it was made in Minecraft! Yes, Minecraft the video game! As technologies develop, 3D printing can be done from a lot of places. I was able to export an STL file from Minecraft from a server called Printcraft. You can find more about it at the link below: http://www.printcraft.org The model is roughly 10 inches long, and has detail as shown in the STL. Of course, the detail from the actual Minecraft built can't carry over..not yet, anyway ;). Please let me know what you think, and how I could improve! Note that the build height for printcraft models are 40 blocks, and the maximum size for a schematic is 140 cubic blocks. I hope you enjoy! Best regards, TechmanPrint SettingsPrinter Brand: StratasysPrinter: uPrint SE PlusRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: YesResolution: 0.01Infill: Solid Recommended For Build Quality, Sparse-High Will Likely WorkNotes: Note - As always, none of this matters for sure except for the supports and infill.How I Designed ThisI designed this using Printcraft, a Minecraft server. Printcraft features plots that can be built in, and whose builds can ten be uplpoaded to printcraft.org and exported as STL, OBJ, or other files. This adds a new method of 3D Design to the innumerable list, and adds a fun constraint for a challenge of some sort. Please see the link above or in this paragraph for more information.Custom Section7/24/2016: Just added tags, which, to my surprise, weren't there, and added Printcraft to App list.

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