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SummaryRC vehicle inspired by Mars rover Curiosity. Parts are printed on 3D printed. Main Processing Unit is Ardunio Mega. For moving used 6 9g servos with metal gear and edited for 360 rotating, for steering used 6 standart 9g servos. Control is standard 4 channels. Power by 2S or 3S lipo battery - 6V SBEC. ------ Rover Mk II ---- must see! youtube: 0- presentation control 1- 2 - simple instruction: ( wait for complete...) WARNING new homepage: InstructionsArduino files are in the RAR archive. BOM 6x 9g servo (TG9e, TowerPro SG90) 6x 9g servo with metal gear (TGY-5009M) Arduino Mega 2560 SBEC Lipo 5/6V 5/6A for 3S lipol 3S Li-pol about 1300mAh 12x servo extension cable (10-30cm) 12x resitor 2.2K ohm universal PCB green LED 3mm red LED 3mm yellow LED 3mm 3x resistor 160 Ohm some pins 42x screw M2x6 6x screw M2.5x6 2x screw M3x25 8x screw M3x6 8x nut M3 4x nut M2 4x white LED 5mm 4x red LED 5mm RC TX and RX connector to Arduino cable ties 3D printed parts Arduino setup After build Rover is needed to center the servos. Upload this file to Arduino. // 2 - 7 for all steering servos // 8 - 13 for all wheels servos int pin = 13; check all servos with serial monitor for center position. My value is about 1300-1500. Value write to this file , and upload to Arduino. // Data from calibration servos - center position of servo int W1_center = 1350; int W2_center = 1390; int W3_center = 1360; int W4_center = 1370; int W5_center = 1435; int W6_center = 1355; int S1_center = 1500; int S2_center = 1480; int S3_center = 1420; int S4_center = 1410; int S5_center = 1480; int S6_center = 1480; Now you need center signal from RC. Connect RX to PCB and Arduino connect with PC. Control stick on TX set to neutral. Serial monitor write some values. Copy this values to Excel and make average value ( about 50 values is OK). Repeat to second channel. // calibration RX signal Serial.println( value_ch1); and // calibration RX signal Serial.println( value_ch2); Servo modifying Servo with metal gear use to wheel. You must modifying to countinous rotating. Cut of potentiometer, add 2 resitors, cut of pin on tooth wheel. instruction for example:

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