Robo3D Lead Screw Upgrade - Quick Printing Hole Cover

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SummaryI added the Lead Screw upgrade to my Robo3D R1 and then found I had this hole exposing the screw connected to the motor. I was afraid little pieces of plastic can fly in there and damage something. I wanted a solution but I didn't want to take everything apart to implement in. So I came up with this quick printing hole cover (3 min max) that is easy to slide on the screw without messing with the thread. InstructionsPrint Info Make sure you print with the hole facing down PLA .3mm Layer Height No Support 20% Infill (keeps it flexible but strong) (recommend you scale up 1% to make sure printing excess doesn't mess with threads on lead screw) I purposely made a small thin first layer and then bridged the second layer to cause that mesh look but also for flexibility. I found when I had a full first layer it would be too stiff to print with PLA.

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