Solar Light Jack-O Lantern

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This is a Jack-O Lantern for Halloween to use with  regular solar lights sold on Amazon, Groupon and other places. Want a quick halloween decoration that doesn't need to be connected to electric plugs? Got regular solar lights that are just bland white?  This will be perfect for you, since it's depends on the solar panels on those solar lights to light up the pumpkin. Just connect the connector (included) to the pumpkin with a small screw and it can fit right into the solar light pole. 

You can print with any layer height (I would recommend .3mm to make the wall more translucent) and only 1-2 walls (the less walls the more transparent but I used 2)

I used Push Plastic's Translucent Amber but you can use any transparent filament. Only need supports for the teeth (but general supports will work)

If you want to get the solar lights that fit - these will do -

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