Robo3D front mount bracket for Full Graphic LCD (with screws or


SummaryUPDATE: 10/24/15 - Made a few fixes to the files to improve quality of the print. This is a bracket to attach your Reprap Full Graphic LCD controller to your Robo 3D printer using the screw hole already available. I created two options - since I wanted to remove my LCD controller at any moment (3-year old touched everything) I created a version where you have a space to attach velcro plus a little support for pressing buttons and keeping the LCD stable. Since I realized not everyone is interested in removing it, I also included a version for which you can attach the brackets with screws to the LCD with more support than the brackets I have found on thingiverse. This is a Remix of Stargrove1's version To attach the bracket on the Robo, you must use a M6 x 30 screw instead of the stock. Also the picture is a bit outdated. The bracket for velcro now doesn't have screw holes and more support on bracket arms. This is the case I used for the LCD - - thanks RickyW Also works perfectly with Werzy's design - recommend printing with a tougher plastic than PLA if you want it to last. Although you can do PLA @50% infill and it will be tough enough. I printed the bracket with ColorFabb XT (strong as ABS but easier to print) - I used 50% infill and .2mm layer height.

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