Adjustable feet & endcap for 20x20x2 mm square tube

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SummaryAdjustable (machine) feet for 20x20x2 mm square tube. Ideal to get things level on the floor. I've also included end caps without the thread in it. They can be used for protection or just looks. I've used it on a shoe rack I made out of metal tubing.Print SettingsPrinter Brand: UltimakerPrinter: Ultimaker 2Rafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0.15Infill: 20-80 %Notes: I printed the adjustable ones in pla with a 0.15 resolution 3 perimeters and 25% infill and this gave good results. You can increase the infill and perimeters if they turn out to be too weak for your application. The endcaps without screws are printed in grey pla at the same resolution but with 2 perimeters and 10 percent infill.

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