Airplane scale model: AF-01

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SummaryThis airplane is designed by projectgroup AVEM FERRO from inholland university of applied sciences Delft. The project was to design an utility aircraft which can be used for medevac missions and is able to transport 8 persons (including the pilot). Other requirements were a range of 1200Km, max cruise speed of 450 km/h and should be able to carry a 1000kg payload. The model has been scaled down to 3,5% of it's original size and a stand has been added so the model can stand on its own. EDIT: New V2 models are uploaded of the fuselage (romp), engines, tail and the wings. These are made with less 'cuts' and should provide for a nicer end result. They cannot be mixed with the original fuselage or tail etc. The stand and props still match. The renders are all made by Daan Kaasjager, as well as a work in progress FSX model. The 3D CAD model is made by Emiel Noorlander. AVEM FERRO group members: Daan Kaasjager Jordi Liu Leander van Noort Peter Zwarts Emiel Noorlander Sidney Vorst Casper van Veen Erik ten Oever To read more about the renderings and fsx the following links are nice: SettingsPrinter: Home buildRafts: YesSupports: YesResolution: 0.15Infill: 10%Notes: Print everything standing up where possible. Engines standing on the front part, wings on the cross section. Tips: Print the wings on a raft to reduce extra thickness at the base and to ensure a flat side. Print the fuselage 'nose up' on a raft with some extra support. (see pictures) Print the propellors on a raft with support. All the other parts are printed straight on the bed. Depending on your printer the landing gear bays may need to be sanded down a little bit in order to fit the stand in.Post-PrintingAll the parts can be sanded a little bit with a nail file, or regular sandpaper. And then glued together with superglue.

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