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Who is Otto?

An interactive robot that anyone can make! Otto walks, dances, makes sounds and avoids obstacles. Is completely open source, Arduino compatible and 3D printable


Otto is assembled in a small compact size, cleaner integration of components and expressions. Using off the shelf and 3D printed parts, simple electronics connections (no soldering required), and basic coding skills, you will be able to build your own cute Otto friend in as little as one hour!

Otto is designed using TinkerCAD software you can modify it for customization or further improvements!

Gather all the off the shelf parts that you'll need for this assembly.

List of parts:

  • Arduino Nano;
  • Arduino Nano Shield I/O
  • Mini USB cable.
  • Ultrasound sensor HC-SR04
  • Mini servo SG90 9g x4 (each one should come with 2 pointed screws and one small screw).
  • Buzzer 5V passive
  • Dupont Female to Female cables 10cm x6.
  • 4 AA Battery case
  • 1.5V AA alkaline batteries x4.
  • Micro Swtich square 8x8mm
  • Phillips screwdriver small.
  • And then you only need to 3D print 6 parts in total:

  • 3D printed head.
  • 3D printed body.
  • 3D printed leg x2.
  • 3D printed fott x2.
  • Print or download to your device the attached instruction manual.

    For the programming:

    Download & Install Arduino IDE:

    Copy Oscillator libraries to C:\Users\user\Documents\Arduino\libraries (or wherever your library folder is installed):

    Finally open & upload Otto_smooth_criminal.ino code to your Arduino Nano for dancing Otto.

  • More codes in

    Design Files

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