walking and dancer DIY biped robot is a derivative design of Zowi which is based on BOB the original biped robot that uses only 4 servos to walk and move. Made the following improvements:

  • able to have an Arduino UNO board (or smaller) inside the robot head.
  • 3 LEDs for a simple mouth.
  • Rounded top head.
  • Legs thickness increased and reinforced rounds.
  • Rounded feet top.
  • Chassis - base simplified.
  • Easy to reprogram or energize having the connectors in the back.
Hardware needed:
  • Arduino UNO or compatible, i use a DFRduino R3
  • Nano breadboard or weld all cables
  • Buzzer
  • Futaba servo S3003 x4
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasound sensor
  • Nuts M3 x20
  • Screws M3x12 x20
  • Powerbank (optional) or just use the usb for power the Arduino board.
  • Check the schematic picture for connection
  • The HC-SR04 Ultrasound sensor is not connected in the schematic; trig for pin 8 and echo for pin 9)

Using same original code for Arduino as Otto DIY

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