Bike A Utility serves as a removable "basket" which is mounted on the handlebar of your bike via the clamp (HAP), thumbscrew and a nut. 

Update 29th of August 2016

All files from this update are marked with u29816. 

-redesigned Bike A Body and Bike A Holder (additional extrusions and intrusions on the models, so the mounting of the main body on the holder/clamp is more secure; see images above)

-improved topology of Bike A Body and Bike A Holder

Compatible Nut and Bolt:

You can 3d print the thumb screw and the nut Compatible Thumb Screw and Nut

Thumbscrew and nut are the same as found in of-the-shelf biking equipment. Thumb screw should be fine threaded and the thread should be at least 1,2 cm  and no more than 2 cm long. Diameter of the thread is 3 mm and the nut should not have a diameter greater than 6 mm.  Design only supports hex nuts. 

Build process (Tip: see images attached to the model):

All parts included are 3d printed, with a SLA or any printer with great accuracy an capable of printing the design. layer thickness should be at  0,1 mm.

When all parts are printed, an appropriate nut is placed in the hexagonal hole in the HAP. Hex nut should be pushed to  the bottom of the hexagonal hole and it should be a snug fit.

 Based on the 3d printing technology and plastic material used, there might be a need of additional sanding around the extrusions on the top of the HAP.  This two extrusions serve as locks so the main body does not slide of the HAP, during rapid deceleration. When the HAP is fully inserted in the main body of the design, it should lock and not move if it is being moved along the horizontal axis. But you should be able to detach the main body from the HAP by tilting the Main body in towards the ground and sliding it of the HAP.

The design can be attached to the handlebar with an appropriate thumb screw and the HAP. You can orient the Bike A Utility which ever direction serves you best. When Bike A utility is attached to your handlebar, the pointer parts should be connected with a Binding part by pushing it on to the main body until it is secure. Binding part should come undone if you press downwards on the top platform and upwards on the bottom platform, and then pulling the Binding part towards you.


Suggested material is ABS.

Unfortunately the design was not tested with different plastic materials, but based on the function and geometry it is best to used a strong and flexible plastic material which is resistant to weather.


When the Bike A Utility is installed on your bike you can strap many items to it with Velcro straps, zip ties or rope. The design is meant for lighter items such as bathing suits, towels, shampoo, water bottles, flashlights and similar. You can also mount multiple Bike A Utility designs on your bike's handlebar.

Extra information:

Clamp (HAP) was designed on the basis of a biking equipment clamp, therefore it should be compatible with thumb screws used for biking equipment. HAP is wider and taller than most biking equipment clamps so it is optimized for its purpose, design and offers greater friction between the handlebar and the HAP, without using any rubber-like materials. Nevertheless it is suggested to use a piece of a rubber material between the HAP and the handlebar to increase friction and therefore decrease the chance of Bike A utility moving during biking. 

Thank for your time,

Peter Ropač

Design Files

File Size

Pinshape BikeA Body u29816.obj
402 KB
Pinshape BikeA Body u29816.STL
302 KB
Pinshape BikeA holder u29816.obj
215 KB
Pinshape BikeA holder u29816.STL
202 KB
Bike A binding ring.STL
70.4 KB
Bike A body.STL
303 KB
Bike A holder.STL
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