UTil - Assistance Oriented Elastic Belt


UTil - Assistance Oriented Elastic Belt


UTil was designed as an adjustable elastic band which can (with included accessories) also be used as an replacement for Velecro straps, carabiner, zip-ties, elastic bands and similar. As all the items it can act as, it also has a variety of different uses.


-Assist with carrying heavier items (groceries, baskets, pots, pans etc.)

-Attaching objects to the users arm (brooms, tools, lighter and smaller utensils etc.)

-Assist with carrying  hotter objects (coffee cups etc.)

-Your imagination is the limit (and the mechanical properties of the material).


See the first image and others, post a comment or email me.


layer thickness: 0,1 mm


TPE or any similar Higher density elastic thermoplastic   for UTil ElasticBelt

ABS or PETG for all other objects (ABS is recommended for UTil BeltClip and UTil BeltClipHandle)


If you have any questions about the design you can post them in the comment section. If you have any suggestions how to improve this design, post them below.  I am planning to do an update of this design in the future.

Thank you for your time and best regards,

Peter Ropač

Design Files

File Size

UTil BasicConnector.obj
601 KB
UTil BasicConnectorAtchPoint.obj
3.22 MB
UTil BeltClip.obj
294 KB
UTil BeltClipHandle.obj
1.86 MB
UTil ElasticBelt.obj
41.9 KB
UTil SmallConnectorAtchPoint.obj
1.37 MB


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