Bicycle Aero Bars and Water Bottle holder

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I raced bikes for a number of years in both mountain and road racing. One feature that I always loved either on long rides or on a long straight was the ability to get into an aerodynamic tuck—whether for easy riding or for drafting.

Aero bars allow the rider to comfortably transform their body profile into the most aerodynamic shape by leaning their upper body over with their elbows and forearms resting on the main handle bars, while their hands grip the auxiliary grips on the aero bars. 

This is my 3d version of aero bars. The "main body front" section is meant to be printed at 100% infill so that it provides structure and strength. All parts were printed with supports at .2mm layer height.

The handle grips were designed with finger reliefs so that it is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. 

The panels are designed to overlap each other to add to strength and to make the entire part one piece when bolted together with m5 bolts and m5 nuts. With M6 Pins that are insert in the handle bar joints to add to its righty.

The arm pads are angled at 5 degrees so that it is provides a natural and comfortable position for your resting arms to grip the aero bars handles. The pads, come out of the printer smooth so cushioning is not needed.

The aero bars handle bar clamps are designed to fit a variety of handle bar diameters, as well as clear any brake cables that may be affixed with the handle bar wrap. Use rubber to get the perfect fix, and to assure that the bars are securely mounted to the bicycle. 

These bars are designed to help you get into a comfortable aerodynamic tuck position, and slight or minor steering input. The main handle bars should still remain the main implement for how you control, produce major steering alterations, braking, or body weight support in the case of if you stand up on your pedals to increase your speed—use the original handle bars for that task. 


I designed a nice water bottle holder to accompany the aerobats. the design can fit many bottle diameters, and the top section just slides and snaps into the bottom half. You can print the two in multiple colors to add to the aesthetics of your bicycle.  Printed with supports at .2mm layer height at 20% infill.



(10) M5 x 25 Flat Screws

(4) M5 x 16 Flats Screws

(4) M5 x 30 Flat Screws

(4) M6 x 16 Flat screws

(4) M6 Pins

Design Files

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main body rear (cap) (right).stl
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H20 holder bottom.stl
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main body rear.stl
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main body rear (cap) (left).stl
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arm pad (right).stl
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arm pad (left).stl
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H20 holder top.stl
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handle (left) (outer).stl
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handle (right) (inner).stl
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handle (left) (inner).stl
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main body front.stl
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handle (right) (outer).stl
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