Qav 400 Brushles Gimbal for Mobius Action Cam & Boscam HD 19

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SummaryThis is our teaser design for the qav400 brushless gimbal which will house the Boscam HD19 and the Mobius Action Cam. It has been desigend in a way to keep it as small and lightweight as possible. Files will follow soon after further testing has been done and a video will follow soon. i can say now that it works flawlesly. Uses 2 x 2208 Tmotor gimbal motors and we have tested with the Alexmos 2 axis simple BGC. we will post the settings that we found worked best along with build guide and BOM this will be 3D printable and we shall be CNC manufacturing them out of aluminium. Please feel free to contact us on thiniverse or email about any modifications of designs you have in mind that you would like to see. We have a Machine Shop with a Hurco VM1P 3 axis CNC and a Huro Turning lathe which we can use to machine your designs at unbeatable prices. the software our CAD Department uses is. AutoCad 2014 SolidWorks 2014 AutoCad Inventer Gcode programs for cnc machines can also be written for you to use on your own machines [email protected] of the STL files re in the correct orientation, support is needed when printing the parts needed.

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