Fully Printed Flying Wing

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UPDATE: 5/24/19 

FPV added!!!

New features are a 20mm fpv camera mount which screws can accessed through the intake holes. winglets and a dorsel fin. and a larger motor mount for a standard quadcopter motor that has 16x19 mounting. (it will only use the 16mm set)

 its completely printed except for the elevon hinges. Print settings for file "A" are 0.3 layer hight, 2 walls, 10mm brim, 50% infill with supports. for file "B" 0.3 layer hight, 2 walls, 10mm brim, 10% infill with supports.  and for the elevons i used 0.2mm layer height, supports, 2 perimeter, and 0% infill. for the elevon hinges i used 1/32 piano wire and put a 3mm screw in the end of the wing to keep it in, but make sure the screw isnt clamping on the wire.

Design Files

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left elevon.stl
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right elevon.stl
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motor mount.stl
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A mir.stl
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B mir.stl
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