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Write secret messages to your friends and decode them with this ring. The Caesar Cipher, or Shift Cipher, is one of the oldest and simplest codes. Simply shift the alphabet by some amount and use that alphabet to write your message, or in this case twist the rings so that the letters line up in the right order.

This is actually 2 nested rings that print interlocked but twist independently. It's big enough to fit on a finger tho it may be too big for regular wear.

How to use:

Both ends of the message chain will need a ring. To encode the message first choose a letter to be the key for the message. Then twist the rings so that "A" on the top ring aligns with the secret letter key. Write the key as the first letter of the message, then proceed to encode the message by looking for the letter you want to encode on the top ring, but writing the letter on the bottom ring.

To decode the message, twist the rings to that "A" on the top ring aligns with the first letter of the message (the key). Then find each letter in the message on the bottom ring, writing down the letter above it on the top ring until the message is revealed.


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